2 engineering students on work placements at Mini Green Power

In recent days, the workshop team has been strengthened by the arrival of Pierre Lion and Pierre Lefebevre, first-year engineering students at Ensam and Grenoble INP – Industrial Engineering respectively. This 4-week “work placement” is part of their training programme, enabling them to learn all the tasks carried out on a daily basis by the workshop team. Under the expert management of Brahim, the workshop manager, and Julien, his deputy, the two young apprentices learn how to weld, insulate the plant’s pipes, process the ash and fill the biomass silo, and carry out the many other tasks required to maintain or improve the plant. “I chose to do this work placement with a company involved in the ecological transition”, explains one of them. “I’m passionate about everything to do with innovative engineering, especially when it comes to creating clean energy!

The Mini Green team pays particular attention to passing on its know-how and values. It trains young people so that they, in turn, choose to work on the environmental transition later on.

Bienvenue aux deux Pierre que nous accueillons avec grand plaisir.