Nos réalisations

Our Achievements

Biomass power and heat plant Welshpool, UK

Localisation :
Welshpool, Wales

Location :
Welshpool, Wales

Type de client :
Agricultural contractor

Customer type :
Agricultural contractor

Range : Low temperature cogeneration
Thermal power : 750 kW
Electric power : 65 kW
Fluid : Superheated water
Commissioning : November 2018
Fuel : ligneous fraction of green waste, agricultural residues

Contexte client

Customer context

Recover litter and green waste into energy

The client is an agricultural contractor. One of its activities consists in recovering and treating soiled poultry litter and green waste used as fuel for the installation. The plant turns them into energy.

The recovery provided by the plant is twofold: on one hand, the plant produces electricity – thanks to an 100 kWe ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) – which is sold onto the network, through a purchasing obligation scheme. On the other hand, the co-generated heat is recovered for drying wood chips and forest chips as well as supplying a small local heating network. Thus, all of the energy contained in these heterogeneous materials is recovered through to the plant.

Rôle de Mini Green Power

Mini Green Power's role

Adapt the technology to the technical constraints of the client

Mini Green Power adapted its staged combustion technology to the customer’s existing installation by revamping the boiler. By doing so, the customer was able to expand the range of fuels to feed its installation.

The installation was started in November 2018 by Mini Green Power, which has since provided remote operating assistance. From time to time, Mini Green Power teams go on site to help improve the performance of the installation with the help of the operator.

Focus sur quelques spécificités techniques

Focus on some technical specificities

Autonomy of the biomass silo: 48 hours

Feed type  : auger

Ergonomic control command developed by Mini Green Power

Filtration type: ceramic filter

Energetic fluid: superheated water 110°c

Electricity production: ORC General Electric 100 kWe

Ventilated moving floor dryer

Impact économique

Economic impact

The installation also provides the customer with a multiple source of income: remuneration linked to the collection of plant and agricultural residues, remuneration linked to the service of drying wood chips, as well as remuneration linked to the sale of electricity. Lastly, the installation allows the operator to save money on heating their premises.

Impact écologique

Ecological impact

The model makes it possible to recover waste into energy in short circuits under good environmental conditions. This local recovery reduces the pollution that would have been generated by trucks transporting waste over long distances and provides renewable energy to the electricity grid.

Finally, the customer contributes at the same time to developing the wood energy sector through its activity of selling forest chips made possible by the production of heat from the plant.