Nos réalisations

Our Achievements

Biomass power plant associated with a dryer Plougourvest, Finistère, France

Localisation :
Plougourvest, Finistère, France

Location :
Welshpool, Wales

Type de client :
Private contractor

Customer type :
Agricultural contractor

Range: Low temperature power plant associated with a universal continuous dryer, three stages
Power : 750 kWth
Fluid: Superheated water and hot air
Commissioning: December 2020
Fuel : shredded stumps, compost waste
Dried material: forestry chips, algae

Contexte client

Customer context

Valorize the biomass of the territory

The client is an entrepreneur from Brittany. One of its activities consists in supplying biomass to various actors of the area : forestry chips to biomass heating plants and  Brest heating network, wood chips to poultry farmers and brown algae for organic amendments.

The plant allows him to make use of various resources as fuel: green waste of the area after crushing and sifting. Downstream, the heat produced by the plant is injected into a dryer that can dry a wide variety of materials – brown seaweed with 80% to 20% moisture content, wood chips with 55% to 15% moisture content and forestry chips with 35% to 15% moisture content – thus adding significant value to the materials.

Rôle de Mini Green Power

Mini Green Power's role

Assist the customer in the long term since project conception

Mini Green Power designed and built the installation. Commissioning was carried out at the end of 2020

Mini Green Power continues its support by providing assistance through remote operation 24/7 and maintenance of the installation.

Focus sur quelques spécificités techniques

Focus on some technical specificities

Power supply type: shaftless screw

Ergonomic control developed by Mini Green Power

Filtration type: double filtration: cyclonic filter and bag filter

Energy medium: 110°c superheated water

3 stage continuous dryer with moving floors

Impact économique

Economic impact

The installation allows the customer to have a quality drying process which provides a variety of commercial outlets. The input fuels, of variable quality and supplied locally, ensure controlled operating costs.

Impact écologique

Ecological impact

The model is very virtuous. All the fuel and dried biomass come from and are destined to Brittany.

Mini Green Power’s staged combustion technology combined with double filtration ensures best environmental performance in terms of atmospheric emissions.