You are...

an energy player

You meet the challenges of the energy transition for your customers. You put your expertise at their service to implement energy solutions for the development of cities and companies today and tomorrow.

The environmental issues, the evolution of regulations, the significant increase of carbon taxes make the transition towards renewable energies more and more relevant.

Mini Green Power brings you an innovative solution that will allow you to meet several requirements of your customers: adopt a renewable and economical energy, and find solutions for the recovery of waste produced on the territory.

Our solution will allow you to distinguish yourself in the response to calls for tenders or the extension of public service delegation contracts.

TUNITIES for the energy players

■ Benefit from industrial expertise related to the experience of the Mini Green Power team at different stages of the life of the plant: design, production, installation, start-up, industrial commissioning, operation, operation assistance and maintenance.

■ Apply an innovative technology combining the robustness of mechanical equipment with the benefits of an ergonomic control command system combined with Big Data.

■ Make savings on fuel by recovering wood waste (woody fraction of green waste, wood waste).


Energy biomass is the main
source of renewable energy in
France: accounting for more than
55% of final
energy production

It, therefore, contributes significantly
to reducing our consumption
of fossil fuels.


In France, carbon tax
increases the gas price by
1.9€ per year,
which implies an increase of
19.000€ per year 
for a facility consuming
10.000 MWh per year.
As a result of this evolution of the tax,
the cost of the megawatt-hour of gas
should increase by 19% between 2018 and
In total, the tax increase will be
172% by 2022.



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