We offer our customers a fully efficient service.What do we mean by this idea?

Mini Green Power offers its customers to keep ownership of the power plant and sell them waste recovery and low-carbon green energy at a predictable energy price, independent of political decisions.

We believe that we can serve our customers with integrated, easy-to-use solutions that have a positive overall impact :

■ By participating in the preservation, or better the regeneration of natural resources (Environmental efficiency) 

■ By generating individual and collective well-being (Social efficiency)

■ By ensuring our company’s sustainability and development without harming our stakeholders (Monetary efficiency)


At the origin of this choice, the example of Michelin has been particularly inspiring

In 2012, the Clermont-based company created Michelin Solutions with a radically different model: selling “rolled kilometers” and not tires to better support its customers on their mobility issues.

Certain in the quality of its products, Michelin has managed to convince thousands of customers, who receive quality service while saving money. The lifespan of tires has been multiplied by 3.

The impact is globally positive to the monetary, social, environmental and usage sense for the client.

This system helped to solve the problem of tire proliferation (Michelin recycles them), a decrease in fuel consumption among its customers, a reduction in the number of accidents for users, and fewer costs for insurance of the vehicles concerned.

Efficience Equipe atelier

We wanted to apply this example to our industry.

Thanks to the support of ImmaTerra, we have been able to build a model that is fully efficient for our customers.

More concretely, rather than promoting the sale of turnkey facilities, we encourage our customers to choose an integrated green, economical, local, low carbon energy sales offer.
In this diagram, we remain the owner of the installation:
■ We support our customers as soon as the idea emerges and offer them an integrated, easy-to-use solution that meets their specific needs (energy, waste disposal, effluent treatment, etc.) link to Accompaniment global,
■ We manage on our behalf the regulatory issues related to our installation, we take responsibility for the operation, maintenance and financing of the project,
■ We provide our customers with a solution that saves them money (savings on the cost of treating their waste or on their energy bill),
■ We ensure that our facilities integrate the best environmental choices (reduction of CO2 emissions, high level of filtration of our fumes, choice quality materials),
■ We manage the end of life of the plant (dismantling or renovation),
■ We strive to adopt a virtuous approach of cooperation between the actors involved in the project and to have the concern for the creation of local jobs.