Mini Green Power supports its customers in the long term, from the emergence of the project to the end of life of the installation, all in an eco-responsible approach.

Step n°1

Study of the project and decision support

The first step is to analyze the potential of the project, first by validating its principle, then by going into the details of its feasibility.

Realization of an opportunity study:

■ First-approach study with an analysis of the existing situation,
■ Definition of project outlines,
■ First opinion on the technical, economic and environmental relevance of the project.

Realization of a feasibility study:

■ Definition of technical, economic, legal and financial elements of the project,
■ Proposal of one or more solutions according to the criteria defined by the customer: ecological footprint, economic equation, available land, etc…
■ Choice of a solution with the client for the continuation of the study,
■ Realization of summary implementation plans, definition of necessary equipment, development of the biomass supply plan,
■ Definition of supply limits and sharing of responsibilities,
■ Evaluation of project costs, definition of the economic model and estimation of the environmental impact.

Signature of tailor-made operating and maintenance contracts :

■ Customer support on site or remotely throughout the life of the central
■ Différentes formules impliquant ou non le personnel du client.

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Step n°2

Contractualisation, design and implementation

The contract establishes the limits of responsibilities and the price of the project construction. It specifies the main steps to come:

■ Design: facilities-related engineering.
■ Financing : Mini Green Power offers several possible schemes: Sale of turnkey plants, energy sale, plant rental…
Realization, works.
■ Industrial Commissioning:
-Test phase to validate the facility’s operations,
-Transfer of the conduct of the commissioning team to the operations team,
-Provisional acceptance of the installation by the engineers,
-Transfer of responsibilities,
-Training of the operator.

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Step n°3

Operation and maintenance

If the customer wishes, Mini Green Power can operate and maintain the installations, alone or in cooperation with a partner.

■ Conduct the installation,
■ Fuel supply, help with quality monitoring,
■ Routine maintenance,
■ Maintenance: preventative maintenance, annual maintenance, major maintenance and renovation.


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Step n°4

Dismantling or Refurbishment

In the case where Mini Green Power accompanies its customer over the lifetime of the installation, the end of life of the installation is included in the service:

■ Dismantling of the plant, and restoration of the site,
■ Recycling the installation.

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