Which of the two is the craziest ?

The one who buries his head in the sand when seeing natural disasters fall one after the other, hoping that he will perhaps pass through the cracks?

Or the one who tackles a major challenge that he knows is so big, that only fools like him can win it?



If, like us, you are among the crazy people who believe that the circular economy can reverse the spiral of destruction of the planet, we suggest you join us in the deployment of our innovative solutions for the energy transition!

Since June 2014, Mini Green Power has developed and commercialized innovative solutions based on the innovation capacity of its teams and the support of its investors and partners.


Today Mini Green Power is looking for 2 types of investors :

1. Private investors

2. Professional or industrial investors

If you are interested and would like to support Mini Green Power by investing with us, you can contact our Chief Financial Officer, Hubert Sabourin, for more information, at