Reason for being

Towards energy autonomy

Mini Green Power accompanies companies and communities towards energy autonomy by minimizing their environmental footprint

Did you know?

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA):
– Global demand for primary energy is expected to grow up to 37% by 2040.
– In order to maintain the global temperature rise below 2°C, renewables will have to cover, in 2040, 58% of the electricity needs, 22% of heat and cold and production 20% of transport needs.

According to ADEME, biomass is the main source of renewable energy in the world. In 2011, it accounted for about 49% of renewable primary energy in the European Union.

Raison d'être

great values
foster the spirit
of the company

1. Trust

Mini Green Power is defined above all as a group of people where everyone can give his opinion, speak freely and kindly, bring the contradiction or encourage his colleagues in a spirit of growth and humility.
This culture of dialogue and mutual respect also drives the relationship between Mini Green Power and its partners.

2. Sobriety

Convinced that human-made objects transmit values and induce a certain relationship with the world and others, Mini Green Power wants to embody a return to "human size" against the temptations of gigantism. This ambition translates into an offer which minimizes the environmental footprint of our customers and a culture of sobriety that drives the life of the company on a daily basis.

3. Demand & Transmission

Mini Green Power seeks to push each employee into his or her area of expertise by encouraging them to give their best. This demand is also reflected in the attention paid to research and innovation, in the sense of daring, and in the transmission of knowledge and skills to younger people.

Raison d'être

An environmentally
friendly approach

Raison d'être