Local & low carbon energy self-sufficiency


The environmental challenge is huge. It is even more difficult that the price of fossil fuels is low. It is, therefore, necessary to redouble innovation to achieve both more environmentally friendly and more efficient products in order to be more profitable than non-renewable energies.

Mini Green Power is investing in four major areas of research , in connection with these issues and our business opportunities:

1st axis :

The valorization of a broad spectrum of biomass by pyrogasification and integrated combustion

This axis corresponds to the core business of Mini Green Power and allows today to achieve a competitive price of energy compared to gas. A permanent improvement of the process makes it possible to widen, over the months, the range of inputs that can be upgraded by our facilities.

2nd axis :

The treatment of fumes and effluents

In order to allow valorization of Class B wood and to improve the overall efficiency of the installation, the condensation of fumes and their washing is a subject we are working on and we are starting to obtain competitive results.

3rd axis :

The use of big data solutions to optimize the operation of the plant and to minimize polluting emissions

We decided to replace the theoretical equations with optimization based on accelerated experimentation. Our in-service plants allow us to experiment at high speed and improve our processes using digital big data techniques.

The tests performed are now analyzed manually. Tomorrow, they will be automatic leading to machine learning and artificial intelligence. They will allow our machines to automatically adapt to local biomasses and the specificity of the site, gradually reaching optimized settings by the experience acquired over time.

4the axis :

Isolated sites

On-site power generation is an important issue in developing countries. We decided to focus our efforts on electricity generation with hybrid solar / biomass solutions for countries with a weak or unreliable network.

In the interest of efficiency in the short term, we have decided to allocate significant resources to R&D:

■ Human resources:
Doctors and engineers.

■ Technical resources:
1 demonstration platform at Hyères, composed among others of 2 gasifiers and its utilities (550 and 750 kWth), an ORC (65 kWe), a dryer (500 kWth), a condensation/flue gas cleaning device, a full smoke and dust analyzer, a partnership with Braincube on Big Data.

■ Topics:
Energy process, combustion, chemistry, cogeneration, Big Data, project on isolated sites.

Achivements /
Projects in progress :To

■  ADEME project (project completed in May 2018):
Mini Green Power was subsidized to carry out a research project. It enabled us to validate the technology and give access to fundings like Fonds Chaleur in France (associated with Axis 1).
Ademe : Synthèse publique du projet Gazeotherm

■ FEDER project (project in progress) :
Demonstrator producing electricity and cold on isolated site (being cut off from the electricity network), associating photovoltaics, a cold machine, an ORC and biomass for an amount of € 450.000  (associated with axis 4).
Financial support by the European Union

■ Development of a washing system and condensation of fumes. (associated with axis 2)

■ New fuel test.
(associated with axis 1).