The Team


More than an environmental project, Mini Green Power is above all a great human adventure. A collective project that brings together a committed team of men and women, all involved in the energy transition. The skills and qualities of our multidisciplinary and intergenerational team that make up the energy and strength of Mini Green Power.

Their common point? A strong internal call to respond to the urgency of the environmental challenge that threatens the Earth and its people, a human inner drive, a desire to transmit and a daily dedication to their work. Together, they build a real project, based on bonds of trust, in the service of people and our planet.

Tempted by our adventure? … come and join us!

They talk about Mini Green Power

Technicians, engineers,…,
discover here their path and
the reasons for their commitment

Brahim Ajouaou

Mechanical Technician, Workshop Manager

Brahim worked for 13 years as a mechanic for a large Toulouse company that builds tunnels. He joined Mini Green Power in July 2016.

“I am very happy to have joined Mini Green Power, I found in this company a very good state of mind and I thrive in my job.”

Joseph Billaud

R&D Project Coordinator

Joseph worked as a R&D project manager in various companies. In terms of studies, he has a PhD in Process Engineering and Environment (Biomass gasification in a driven flow reactor). He joined the Mini Green Power team in 2016.

Joseph’s Interview

Rebecca Chiron

Accounting Manager

Rebecca has worked in the field of administrative and accounting in several companies including overseas. She joined Mini Green Power in October 2015.

“In addition to the values that Mini Green Power defends and gives meaning to our work, Mini Green Power has allowed me to reconcile my professional life, my studies and my family life.” It’s a very stimulating environment that makes you want to exceed.”

Gonzague de Borde

Business Developer

Gonzague joined Mini Green Power after an investment banking experience in Portugal and nearly 10 years in the development of social impact companies between France and Southeast Asia.

Pierre Du Baret

General Manager

Pierre Du Baret, Deputy General Manager, and Commercial Director, worked for 20 years in heavy industry, including ten years at Renault Industrial Vehicles (RVI), where he was Sales Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa and then Administrative and Financial Director of a commercial subsidiary in Finland.

Pierre also worked for ten years at Affimet (formerly Pechiney-Alcan subsidiary) in aluminum recycling where he was Commercial Director then Deputy Director of this activity. He then spent 7 years at Enertime (ORC turbine manufacturer) as Sales Manager where he notably deployed sales in France, Europe and Asia. Pierre graduated from HEC Paris and holds a DUT in mechanical engineering. He is passionate about customer conquest, innovation and international.

Thibaud Gauffroy

Boilmaker/ Mechanic

Thibaud studied in the automotive sector but also in metallurgy and locksmithing. He joined the Mini Green Power team in June 2017.

“The geographical setting where Mini Green Power is located is very attractive, and team spirit makes it possible to have pleasant working conditions. Working in a green energy project is for me a way to bring my own stone to the building to the safeguard of our planet.”


Operations Manager

Gilles worked in the construction, installation and commissioning of the water treatment operation. He has also worked in the sale of faucets, industrial instrumentation. He arrived at Mini Green Power in November 2015.

Gilles Interview

Arthur Hamon

Process/ Commissioning Engineer

Arthur has a background in industrial process engineering, energy thermal systems. He has joined Mini Green Power for his end of study project by working on the operation and optimization of the Green Mini Plants as well as their commissioning. Arthur joined us in February 2017.

“I wanted to do my part in the energy transition as It is important for me to develop and promote the solutions of tomorrow. My experience at Mini Green Power is a real technical and human adventure. I turned to a start-up that offers a very dynamic structure.”

Marc Italia


Marc has had a diverse career in many core trades both in the manual and administrative management.

“Working at Mini Green Power gives meaning to my work, it’s important for me to work in a tightly knit team that is moving forward and investing in a common project: saving our planet.”

Alexandre Jouany

Automation Engineer

Alexandre has a general engineer training in Energy and Environment, specializing in the development of LabVIEW. he has worked on projects for large companies in the energy sector. He joined Mini Green Power in August 2016.

Alexandre’s Interview

Floriane Paty

Process Manager

Floriane obtained a double degree in general engineering – renewable energy production.
She worked as a project manager and sizing / design of ORC machine.
She joined the Mini Green Power adventure in May 2018.

“Working at Mini Green Power is for me the continuity of my professional career. The field of renewable energy has been since my studies something that is close to my heart and which corresponds to my values.
The human side of this project touches me a lot and makes me want to be fully involved in my work. “

Justin Radilofe

Solar PV & Hybrid systems Engineer

Justin is a mechanical engineering student with electromechanical approach. He realized at Mini Green Power his end of study internship. Justin joined us in September 2018.

“I wanted to know and work with the startup community. The issue of access to energy, especially in the South, is really important to me.”

Barbara Rendu

MultiSkilled Assistant

Barbara graduated from BTS Assistant Management. She joined the Mini Green Power team in June 2018.

“The issue of accessibility to energy and global warming is important to me and it was crucial for me to find a job that I felt was useful. Thanks to Mini Green Power, I can bring my contribution to the safeguard of our planet.”

Jean Riondel

General Manager, Chief Technology Officer

Jean Riondel, General Manager, Chief Technology Officer, has been a freelance expert in gas turbine and cogeneration plants startup and commissioning for more than 20 years (80% abroad). He worked for major companies such as Alstom, GE, Exxon Mobil, Total.
He specialized in the startup and optimization of large power plants (250 to 900 MW).
Jean worked on the most advanced power stations in terms of technology, leading teams of international experts. For 10 years, he worked on risky building sites in countries at war (Iran, Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast, Mali, Israel).
Jean graduated from the National School of Arts and Crafts (ENSAM 1988).

Hubert Sabourin

Representative of the General Manager

Hubert Sabourin, representative of the General Manager, in charge of general administration and finances, is a former Director in the BP group where he worked 27 years (50% of his time in England, Italy, Holland, Spain and Portugal) in the fields of supply, refining and international trade.
Hubert then began a professional shift towards renewable energies: he developed forty photovoltaic projects in the Var for 3 years, before joining the Mini Green Power adventure.
Fluent in several languages, Hubert graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie de Paris (ESPCI) in 1981 and holds a DEA in structural and macromolecular physical-chemistry.

Térence VIAL

Electrotechnical Manager - Electricity / Instrumentation

Terence has 19 years of experience in the field of industrial electricity in Savoie. He joined the Mini Green Power adventure in September 2017.

“I was looking for some time to give more meaning to my work. Meeting with Hubert Sabourin, General Manager of the company, allowed me to discover Mini Green Power and offered me this opportunity to change. Today, it is a great joy to have entered this ambitious adventure! “